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Who is Copraya Classic's?

We are a small company providing the service of restoring/rebuilding individual components for classic cars.  You provide your used, worn component and we make it look new again.  Although are major focus is components, we are capable of restoring an entire vehicle.  We do not create Show cars.  Our aim is to provide a vehicle and/or vehicle components that are like new, great quality, you are proud to drive on the street and you can afford.  Most show vehicles are just too cost prohibitive to drive on the street. 

Our initial project, and now display vehicle is a 1964 Ford Galaxie 500XL convertible viewable at the
Projects page.  It is currently about 90% completed.  Still remaining are some of the exterior bright trim, interior soft trim and final vehicle review.  Although it looks great now, once all work is complete, the vehicle will return to the body shop for the final 2000 wet sanding and polishing to a mirror shine.

Following in the '64s tire tracks are a 1967 Fairlane and a 1956 Crown Victoria.  The normal time frame for completion of one of these vehicles is 18 to 24 months, so keep watching as we progress.

As you watch the progress of these two vehicles, think about your car.  Both the Fairlane and Crown Victoria will have their own section of the
pages.  When we do your vehicle, it will have its own website with many more pictures as we progress.   We can do a complete frame off quality driver restoration for you. 

For a complete vehicle restoration quote, please contact us.  

We deal mostly with Ford vehicles, but let us know what you have and we can provide a quote.  We are associated with
E & L Restoration who deal mostly with GTO's and Pontiac's.

We provide service and support for every step/component of the vehicle restoration.  Some component
Part examples are, heater and/or A/C boxes rebuild;  stainless trim pieces, (remove dents and re-polish); aluminum trim pieces (strip, remove dents, polish and re-anodize);  instrument clusters (clean, repaint, polish, reface).  We can redo dash boards, instrument clusters, etc. 

Much of the large work is farmed out to other suppliers.  For example, all body and paint goes to a quality shop we have dealt with for a while.  We do all the stainless and aluminum metal polishing in house, the aluminum is re-anodized to protect the bright finish.  All chrome is triple plated by a small quality shop in Detroit.  Engine work is preformed in Riverview MI.  We have dealt with these shops for a while now and they produce the best quality results.

Even if all you need are hard-to-find parts, let us know and we will do the search-work for you.

KC            Bob                       Wayne             
Copraya Classic's Team

Aryanna, (KC for short) is the cute one of the group.  Although she can't drive it yet, she thinks the 1964 Galaxie Project car is just right for her.  We let her think so, she is a great mascot!

The older member of the group.  Has been a car nut since he was 16.  In those days, if you couldn't fix it, you couldn't drive, so you leaned.  Currently he has over 40 years experience in the automotive field both designing and rebuilding vehicles.  He is recently retired from Ford Motor Company where he was a Design Engineer.  He is also our webmaster.

Wayne is the master mechanic of the group, with over 30 years experience.  He has worked in and managed garages, wrecking yards and dismantling facilities.  Currently sub-contracted to Ford Motor Company as a senior teardown mechanic in their Benchmarking Facility.



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