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The DO's and DON'Ts Page

This is what we have learned the hard way.


Take lots of pictures.
Take a picture of everything when you buy the car.  Take a picture of each part as you remove it.
Bag/Tag each part as your go.  Even keep all the little screws, washers and nuts.
It will make it easier later to replace them and to re-assemble the parts.

Buy a Shop Manual and a Parts Book.
Even look into a used Hollander for your year.  Searching for replacement parts can be frustrating.
Using a parts manual or Hollander can make it easier to get the correct part.

Buy a Showroom and/or Dealer Guide
These give great pictures of the vehicle for comparison.  Also join the appropriate car club, i.e the Galaxie Club for our 1964 Ford XL project car.













Beware where you get you repop or used parts!


If you search eBay and swap meets, many people don't really know what part go to what vehicle.
Using your parts, shop manuals and parts books, make sure that what you buy is what you need.
Just because a seller said it will fit you car, doesn't make it so.




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