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Some examples of before/after parts.


In all cases, our parts will look different that NOS.  As an example, most polished parts will have a deeper shine than NOS.  This is because NOS are production run and don't have that individual care of a one off part.  However, since most used parts do start with some sort of damage, they won't be perfect, close, but not perfect.  With that said, here is what we do.

"1964 Ford Galaxie 500 XL Trunk Trim"
It is hard to take a good picture of a shiny object.
The top piece has been taken off the car and all old anodizing removed, notice all the pits.
The bottom piece is off the same car, looked the same but has been polished and buffed and is ready for bright plate and anodizing.
Restored parts will look better and worse than NOS.  NOS is production and doesn't have the hand attention that restored does.
Restored, however starts out with pit, dents, dings and scratches, and you can't get them all.
I will add these parts once they are anodized to show just how nice they look.


"1964 Ford Galaxie 500 XL Heater Case"
This is the before, faded, rusty.  This is the final product, looks new.

For this part, we took the case apart, blasted all the metal parts and gold zinc plated them.  All traces of the old foam seals were removed.  The fiberglass case was checked for cracks, cleaned then painted with a semi gloss black.  The heater core was pressure tested and check ok.  New seals and foam were installed and the case reassembled.


"1964 Ford Galaxie 500 XL Rear End before/after Shots"

  This is a great example of what we do.  The picture on the left is the vehicle as we found it.  This could be your car.  While the body work was in progress, we had all the aluminum trim stripped.  Then we removed the dings, scratches and 99% of the pits.  After this, the part is bright dipped and anodized.  Not only does this provide that bright shine as seen in the right picture, but it also provides a protection to the parts.  The re-chromed bumpers are from "Bumper Boyz".  The tail lights were completely rebuilt with the lens polished to remove all scratches.  The missing trunk trim piece is pictured above.  I haven't taken it in to be anodized as of yet.  



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